Options for Summer Travel, Here’s to the Future

Booking a successful summer vacation may be turning to what is easy and accessible.   The big question is what is open to USA Travelers?  Countries, states, and destinations are preparing to welcome back visitors after being closed to travel. Travel Central’s Page What’s Open has sourced information  from the US Department of State’s Embassy links, Tourism Board websites, and airline websites (American AirlinesDelta AirlinesUnited Airlines). It is subject to frequent change without notice. We will do our best to maintain the most current notifications and announcements.  

What’s trending? 

Currently trending are beaches in Florida, Georgia, Mexico & Caribbean. Of course, Disney, Universal and Las Vegas remain popular. Outdoor adventures are sure to be open and are considered to be safe i.e., National Parks, Grand Canyon, the Great Smokey, Colorado, Utah, Alaska and Wyoming.   Smaller towns and cities are definitely more popular such as Asheville, Sedona, Charleston or the Texas Hill Country.   Other things we are recommending for clients to consider are private villas and homes that are vetted and allow for a lot of flexibility.  And finally, all-inclusive resorts in Caribbean & Mexico offer everything at your fingertips.

Cruise Ship

What about cruising?

Cruise lines are the ONLY vacation accommodations required to report to the Center for Disease Control and the only industry having standards set by CDC, not self-created.  Currently it looks like, ships with more than 500 passengers will not be sailing again until June 2021.  Small ships, i.e.  river cruises and expeditions ship will probably start sooner.

What about the CDC requirement that all international travelers are required to have a Covid-negative test before returning the USA? The CDC has added a new page with their recommendations for before, during and after travel.  We truly believe these policies will continue to evolve as the vaccine is distributed.

Like everyone we approached the new year with incredible enthusiasm, and excitement of considerable opportunities in the travel industry.  We are proud to be part of an industry that not only is one of the largest employers in world, but it also opens people’s minds and hearts, and more importantly took immediate and decisive action to ensure a healthier travel experience.  Learn more at our Safe Travels page.

Here's to the future!

Travel is expected to explode in the 3rd quarter of 2021. During the shutdown, many destinations are reinventing themselves and sustainability has become a priority.  We expect that capacity will be controlled not only on cruise lines but in destinations.  We know that the top destinations and cruises are selling out for 2022.  

Traveling Abroad
Wood Bridge Walking

It's time to dream again!

Book that cruise, map out an epic road trip, or plan a family reunion.  And get the most of out of your travel, join us virtually to explore great vacations from the Rocky Mountaineer & US river cruises to Japan & Norway.

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