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How i work as a professional travel advisOR:


You will find that consulting a professional travel advisor, not only will enhance the experiences you have on your vacation, but the planning will be less stressful and less time-consuming for you. Advisors are compensated for their time, expertise and the resources they deploy on your behalf.  Travel management ranges from $35 for a simple air only booking, to upwards of $250 per traveler based on the intricacy of the itinerary, length of travel and number of passengers. 

Getting to Know you and your travel style

When I start a relationship with you with a Discovery Consultation, we'll chat with you about:

  • The main experience you are looking for… romantic, adventurous, relaxing, family bonding, exciting, celebratory, educational…?

  • Are you hoping for an upscale experience or is price the primary factor?

  • Do you like the excitement of crowds or something a little quieter?  

  • Do you prefer a well-known and popular or more exclusive experience?

  • Do you want to cruise to absorb exciting new destinations or enjoy superlative amenities on the high seas, with whiz-bang features such as skydiving and surf simulators, a planetarium and even a frosty ice?

  • Your dining preferences - fine dining, comfort food, exotic, familiar, buffets, bistros…?

  • Experiences - spa, golf, biking, snorkeling, museums, shopping, sightseeing, relaxing…?

  • Do you like to explore the local culture, or do you prefer to stay in the resort? Is it important to you to be where you’ll find familiar shops or restaurants?

  • Do you like to explore on your own, or do you like guided tours or both?

  • Have you done any research or booked online?


I want you to be confident that we are establishing the right expectations for you and your vacation from the very beginning.  I will then provide you with a Service Agreement with our professional fee. Once you’ve approved the Service Agreement, I will begin designing and securing travel reservations.​

Design, Plan, & Implementation

I will design a vacation based on what I have learned from you and add some of our own creative ideas.  I will research using our vetted and trusted portfolio of nearly 1,700 top hotel & resorts, cruise lines, tour operators, and destination specialists to provide

  • Unique Accommodations including hotels, apartments, villas, home stays, ranches, houseboats, wilderness lodges, and luxury tented camps.

  • Cruise Comparisons: I review strengths and weaknesses, ports, inclusions, amenities and pricing.  Securing reservations using my special rates and booking amenities such as onboard credit or complimentary upgrades.  Designing customized pre- and post- cruise land journeys.

  • Customizing airline reservations including seat assignments, frequent flyer point use, air credits, tracking schedule changes, utilizing consolidators to often find savings up to 40% on business class.

  • I offer the full range of stylish transportation options from luxury sedans and exotic cars, to private jets and luxury yachts, to rail tickets or Luxury Rail Journeys

  • Personalizing authentic immersive private or group experiences and excursions including helicopter rides, hiking, sightseeing tickets, after hour experiences, culinary experiences including gourmet dining reservations to enjoying dinner with locals in their homes.

  • Concierge Services including restaurant reservations or suggestions, golf tee times, spa appointments, babysitting and nannies, private chefs, photographers, and special event tickets. 

  • Recommending and evaluating Travel Insurance to assist finding the best value based on your vacation price, destination and covered reason. I highly recommend the purchase of Cancel/Trip Insurance to protect your investment.

Monitoring, tracking, & Support from start to finish
  • Monitor and track your flights, cruises, hotels for changes in price, amenities, itinerary or schedules and resolving any challenges or issues and advocating in your best interest.

  • Cruise Track  - our proprietary  program allows our experts to stay on top of changes for a particular cruise including pricing, itinerary, amenities and more. 

  • Giving inside tips and recommendations for each of your vacation destinations.

  • Providing access to our comprehensive digital travel guides.

  • Pocket Travel Mobile app that has your day by day itinerary plus information on attractions, site seeing, weather, nightlife, restaurants and MAPS! Best of all, the information is downloaded to your device before you depart, so there’s no worry about data fees roaming just to look at a map or restaurant review.

  • Online cruise or land pre-travel registrations.

To view Travel Management Assurance Packages - click here. 

Travel Services

Customized Vacations

  • Transportation from airports, rail stations, ports and city to city, private transfers and group transfer options.

  • Customized airline reservations including seat assignments, frequent flyer point use and more. 

  • Accommodations based on your style of travel and location that best fits your trip.

  • Personalized activities arranged so you, including pre booked sightseeing tickets, private and group excursions and after hour experiences. 

  • Custom experiences ranging from dinning reservations and recommendations, arranging adventure guides, ski rental or clothes delivery to room, dinning with locals in their homes, cooking classes and more.


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