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Travel Agent Magazine 2020 Named Bailey

This award is only given to 30 advisors in the US a year to recognize rising stars in the travel advisor community. This designation highlights advisors that strive to sharpen their skills, expand their client reach and learn much more about the world and about the suppliers who can serve their clients best. 


Year after year, this feature has helped fuel a community of young professionals who enjoy being a part of a most innovative niche in the travel business. 

Where is Bailey Traveling Next? 

Winter Snow

March 21 to 26, 2022

In the magical arctic region of Lapland, Finland, far from the busy city lights, adventure takes place. This incredible arctic adventure features: a night in a luxury glass igloo, snow-mobile rides on silent eSnowmobiles, a 10 km husky safari, three-nights at a private resort buy-out, crossing the Arctic Circle, dinner in a restaurant made completely of ice and snow, and a chance to swim in the Arctic Sea! 

Small Street in Japan

October 12 to 24, 2023

A Japan cruise takes passengers to bustling cities with vibrant energy and a cosmopolitan vibe, natural wonders like volcanoes and national park, and historic sites amidst cherry blossom trees and other gorgeous scenery. You’ll also be able to try a host of the country’s delectable food scene during a cruise to Japan. You can eat some of the best sushi and ramen in the world, and also have opportunities to try some of Japan’s world-famous Kobe beef and perfectly fermented sake.

Image by Jonatan Pie

March 21 to April 1, 2022

True adventure lies in Iceland in the winter time: ice caves, glacier lagoons, glacier trekking, taking a dip in geothermal pools, and best yet - a chance to see the northern lights. Visiting Iceland in the winter is a totally different experience than the summer and has less crowds. 

Image by Pommelien da Silva Cosme

February 20 to March 1, 2023

Words like "exotic" fully encompass places like Morocco. Places where riding a camel over the dunes with the sun on the horizon is not unusual here. Where hot teas are fragrantly served, carpet merchants haggle in the bazaars and Berber tribesman herd goats on the slopes of the High Atlas Mountains. A Morocco tour is basically the answer to all your Lawrence of Arabia-type fantasies: you'll stay in historic riads, camp beneath Saharan stars, have authentic dining experiences, and visit amazing historic sites that are thousands of years out. Experience the luxury and adventure of Morocco.

Image by Michael Fousert

May 17 to 23, 2022

Norway is Europe's great parkland: a dramatic mix of mountains, seas, forests and fjords. While the country has tidy cities, historic buildings and distinctive artists, nature is clearly its prime attraction. We think it's one of the loveliest countries in the world, summer or winter, and the prime travel destination in Scandinavia. Norway is such a beautiful and magical destination that a visit there will make you believe in trolls! 

Old City Jerusalem
Israel & Jordan

March 2 to 14, 2023

Israel & Jordan. From the Wailing Wall to the rose-red façades of Petra, this historical interlude with Israel and Jordan will see you visit the tomb of King David, the Mount of Beatitudes and the Dead Sea, before following in the footsteps of spice traders across desert landscapes.