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Travel Insurance is the MOST IMPORTART part of your trip.  

Refuse it?  Bailey requires a signed waiver to continue designing travel for you.  Download the waiver here
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PRO TIP - Book your travel insurance within 14 days of the FIRST deposit you make towards anything on your trip, even using air miles points. Otherwise, cancellations for pre existing conditions wont be covered.  Increase the policy as you add to the trip, just get a policy started right away.

Have questions? Contact Bailey. 

Travel insurance is a plan you purchase that protects you from certain financial risks and losses that can occur while traveling. These losses can be minor, like a delayed suitcase, or significant, like a last-minute trip cancellation or a medical emergency overseas.

In addition to financial protection, the other huge benefit of travel insurance is access to assistance services, wherever you are in the world. Our elite team of travel and medical experts can arrange medical treatment in an emergency, monitor your care, serve as interpreters, help you replace lost passports and so much more. Sometimes, they even save travelers’ lives.

A few things you should know about travel insurance:

  • Travel insurance can’t cover every possible situation. Allianz Global Assistance offers named perils travel insurance, which means it covers only the specific situations, events, and losses included in your plan documents, and only under the conditions we describe.

  • Travel insurance is designed to cover unforeseeable events— not things you could easily see coming, or things within your control. If, for example,  you wait to buy insurance for your beach trip until after a named hurricane is hustling toward your destination, your losses wouldn’t be covered.

Allianz Global Assistance is the largest travel insurance company. It's owned by Allianz SE, the world’s largest diversified insurance company. Thanks to the scale of its parent company, Allianz can offer better insurance at a lower rate. They are my preferred insurance company to work with. The company typically works fast on claims and resolves most complaints quickly and to the customer's satisfaction. Once we go over your vacation details, I will let you know about various plan options and help match you to a plan that best serves your needs. Ask me for a quote to protect your vacation investment! 

If you want to read travel insurance horror stories, you can find plenty of them on this nonprofit consumer advocacy site.

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