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Certifications & Awards

Certificates are given to advisors/agents in the industry for completing exams and courses. Awards are given to travel advisors/agents for going above and beyond in their industry. I also participate in weekly trainings with suppliers and tourism boards to stay up-to-date about what's going on in the world of travel! 

"30 Under 30 Best Travel Agents" in the US and Canada

This award is only given to 30 advisors in the US a year to recognize rising stars in the travel advisor community. This designation highlights advisors that strive to sharpen their skills, expand their client reach and learn much more about the world and about the suppliers who can serve their clients best. 

30 Under 30.jpg

Jordan Travel Specialist General & Advanced Master's 

The diverse landscape and attractions that Jordan offers draw an equally diverse base of potential customers, but Jordan is not a mass-market destination. Learn how to efficiently target marketing efforts to the right client and not to my entire client base. Who exactly is the “right” client for travel to Jordan? The answer, of course, depends upon how you decide to market the destination. Why should you consider developing a niche market to help you identify and attract customers who may potentially travel to Jordan? One obvious reason is Jordan’s unique selling features—its historical and religious significance alone makes it a destination unlike any other in the world.

Special interests provide a wealth of opportunity for you to market and sell Jordan to both individuals and groups. Jordan’s Ministry of Tourism has identified a list of priority niche markets that serves as an excellent guide for how you might develop your Jordan specialty. They Include: Cultural Heritage (Archaeology), Faith-Based, Adventure, Ecotourism, Health and Wellness, Spa & Luxury, Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events (MICE), and Culinary

Jordan Adventure Travel Master's Specialist.jpg

Japan Travel Specialist General & Advanced Master's 

Japan's endless opportunities for discovery include both modern and ancient treasures, as well as stunning natural landscapes with a beauty all their own. I have learned about Japan's historic monuments, castles, shrines and museums; colorful festivals; unique cultural, entertainment, dining and shopping experiences, and more.

The Japan Travel Specialist Advanced Master's Course assists in combining what I learned in the General course with the resources and insights needed to map out the best Japan vacation options suited to the particular needs and special interests of each client.

Japan Advanced Masters Certificate.JPG

Future Leaders in Travel Retreat - 2021

The Future Leaders in Travel Retreat, powered by TravelAge West, is the only event in the industry dedicated to connecting the next generation of travel buyers and sellers. During “Future Leaders,” qualified travel professionals and suppliers will get to know each other through one-to-one business appointments, collaborative content sessions, an outdoor activity, and social events full of local flavor. Education will focus on professional development topics specific to future leaders, and will provide insight on how this generation will influence the future of the travel industry. Attendees will leave Future Leaders with both new ideas for conducting business and professional relationships for life.

Future Leader in Travel Retreat.JPG

Costa Rica Specialist

I have become acquainted with "la pura vida" to learn which of my clients would be a perfect match for a vacation in Costa Rica. I have discovered the abundant natural wonders awaiting them in each region of the country and how these varying terrains -- from rainforest to volcanoes to coastline -- form a tapestry of happy, healthy outdoor living. I have learned allot of useful information for planning travel to and around the destination.


I have learned about the philosophy behind Costa Rica's environment-focused tourism product, and then explore its specific travel niches. Topics covered include wellness, family travel, rural tourism, culture, food & gastronomy, romance/weddings, as well as information on accommodations and itineraries.

Costa Rica Specialist Certificate.JPG

Hawaiian Islands Certification

Completed Introductory Hawai‘i Destination Specialist Program, Certification Number One – An Introduction to the Hawaiian Islands! This course consists of six chapters highlights geography, weather, activities and attractions, events and festivals, and Hawaiiʻs unique history and culture. Studied the distinct six Hawaiian Islands—Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii Island. 

Hawaii Destination Specialist Certificat

Finland Expert Certificate

I learned the top things to see and do in each of the 4 major regions, including Helsinki, Lapland, Archipelago and Lakeland. I also studied why Finland is a land of contrast from midnight sun and northern lights in the autumn and winter. I am hosting my own custom trip to Lapland in March 2022. 

Finland Destination Expert Certificate.J

Ireland Expert Certificate

The Ireland Specialist program is an interactive online training programme designed to teach the international tourism sector about the island of Ireland as a holiday destination. 

Ireland Specialist Certificate.JPG

Selling River Cruises Certificate

Selling River Cruises” is a book for travel professionals that want to build their river cruise niche or for new agents that would like to focus on selling river cruises. It features reasons why travel professionals should consider the river cruise market and how to establish themselves as river cruise experts. There is detailed information on how to get specialist designations and training and also how to brand their river cruise business.

The marketing section delves into the most effective ways to sell river cruises and also looks at the digital and social media opportunities to expand their river cruise business in a cost effective way.

Finally there are detailed profiles of the major river cruise lines that are influential in the U.S. and Canadian river cruise markets and offers detailed information of their market position and future growth.

“Selling River Cruises” is for any travel professional that is looking to increase their profitability and build a strong clientele.

River Cruise Certificate.JPG

Signature Travel Expert

This designation is awarded to consultants that successfully complete a professional development program and certification exam. This means I have expert knowledge of the finest hotels, cruises, tours and activities to thoughtfully craft memorable vacations tailored to your personal needs. My insider connections ensure that you'll always receive preferential treatment, exclusive savings, behind-the-scenes access and complimentary extras. With a travel professional like myself on your side, you'll enjoy peace of mind and can travel with confidence

Signature Travel Expert Certificate.JPG
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