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What Trips do I plan?

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I plan trips around the globe, from the Artic Circle to Antarctica, from USA and Central America, to Europe and Africa, and everything in-between!

Who I Plan Vacations For


Group Hike

I plan vacations for groups as small as 6 and up to 50 or 60 people. Typical group vacations are reunions, friends trips, incentive vacations, religious groups, and multi-generational families. 


Image by Everton Vila

Whether is a trip celebrating an anniversary, honeymoon, or just a romantic getaway - I've got you covered! I even plan surprise getaways where one spouse suprising the other with a getaway. 


Image by Natalya Zaritskaya

I plan trips for families of 3+ people and for all ages. 

Solo Travel

Image by Mike Swigunski

Want to getaway on your own, but want to make sure you're safe? I can make that happen. 

While my focus is on adventure, I am skilled, practiced, and certified to craft the following vacations. 

What kinds of trips do I plan?


  • Ocean

  • River

  • Expedition

  • Yacht

  • Sailboat

  • Themed cruises

    • Wine

    • Culinary

    • Music

    • Educational

    • And more!

I can help you plan whatever cruise vacation you have in mind and explore options! 

Independent Vacations

I plan independent vacations worldwide! Some independent vacation destinations include: Hawaii, Costa Rica, Greece, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, Chile, Colombia, and many more!

Bucket List Trips

From safaris in Africa, polar bear expeditions in northern Canada, educational sailings in the Galapagos, yachting Croatia and Montenegro in a private boat, overnighting on Antarctica in a special thermal sleeping bag on the ice, I can make it happen!


I have a huge array of guided vacation starting at 15 people and go up to 40 people at wide range of price points -- from budget to luxury! We also have groups with different focuses (adventure, wine & food, educations, etc.) and that go at different paces (at your own, slow, fast). 

All-Inclusive Getaways

I am able to get packages with air, transfers, and hotel that give us great discounted rates. I can also get you added amenities such as free room upgrades, excursions credits, romantic dinners, spa discounts, and more!

Ready to start your adventure? Click the button below to start. 

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